How Lorraine Capital closes deals faster and eliminates surprises with Verivend

Justin Reich, Managing Partner at Lorraine Capital, talks about how deals are closed faster and without surprises with Verivend.

“Verivend has dramatically improved the speed at which we’re able to collect capital from our Limited Partners.”

“The worry that we’re going to have a surprise at the last minute has been eliminated.”

“Verivend has made a huge difference in our ability to focus on our value proposition of buying companies and closing deals.”

Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation Gains Faster Fundraising

When Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation needed to fundraise quickly and efficiently for their most recent investment projects, they used Verivend to get the job done.

“Verivend has allowed for faster funding from investors and provided our firm quick insights into the tracking of funding from each investor.”

Verivend’s end-to-end transparency for every transaction and its real-time notification and reminders kept both Ciminelli and its investors informed and on the same page during the fundraising process.

“Verivend ensures that we are able to raise the capital needed – and quickly – for each of our investment projects.”

“The system is clear and easy to use for our investors, and allows them to provide their funding quickly and securely for our investments.”

Paul F. Ciminelli, President and Chief Executive Officer