Transact with Safety & Security with Verivend

Investors are a major and increasingly popular target for cybercriminals…

Are You Protected?

See how Verivend’s state-of-the-art platform provides the most sophisticated and secure way for GPs and LPs to transact with:

  • SSL-Secured Data
  • Multi-Level Encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Passcode-Protected Distributions
  • Never Needing to Store Sensitive Bank Info Again

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Increase Your Transaction Security

Would your investors be able to spot a fake capital call notice?

Did you know that the average amount defrauded from investors is $809,000 per capital call scam?

How much are safer and more secure transactions worth?

Are you and your investors protected…?

Read on to see how Verivend increases transaction safety and security for both Investment Sponsors and their Investors.

Capital Call Problems Solved

Creating, verifying, sending, managing, and reconciling Capital Calls is a painful problem for Private Equity, Venture Capital, and all types of Investment Sponsors.

The current process wastes time, requires manual effort and imposes unnecessary risks for both Investment Sponsors and their Investors.

Read on to see how Verivend solves capital call problems by saving time, eliminating errors, reducing manual effort, increasing the security of transactions, and improving your overall investor experience.


Sending 60 Capital Calls in 60 Seconds

Capital Call Problems are Solved with Verivend.

Are you tired of dealing with the time-consuming, error-creating process of manually sending and reconciling capital calls?

See how easy it is to send 60 capital calls in just 60 seconds with Verivend.

  • Save Time
  • Eliminate Errors
  • Reduce Manual Effort
  • Increase Transaction Security
  • Improve Your Investor Experience

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