April 18, 2023 – Issue 1

Industry Insights

The Transient Era of Billion-Dollar Funds

by PitchBook

While the fundraising climate has cooled to some degree, a number of interesting developments have materialized over the last few years.

Why does this matter?

⬇️ The number of billion-dollar funds is decreasing
⬆️ LP demand in the private markets is increasing
⬅️ Investments are shifting from later-stage deals to earlier-stage deals
🔁 Smaller fund sizes + investments into earlier-stage deals = less larger GPs and more smaller LPs
🔀 More demand + more LPs = more pain & effort for GPs 😖

Therefore, it’s never been more critical for firms to be automating processes, increasing efficiencies, and enhancing LP experiences.

Product Updates

The investment journey just got better with Verivend ✍️

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Verivend Digital Signatures to our robust suite of features.

With Verivend’s digital signature functionality, GPs can now easily create and send subscription documents and other agreements to LPs for review and signing, all within the platform. The digital signature functionality streamlines the entire signature process, reducing delays and increasing efficiency for private capital transactions.

Verivend Digital Signatures are available now to all existing and new customers.

Market Perspectives

How are you managing your capital raising activities?

In a recent LinkedIn poll, we asked GPs “How are you managing your capital raising activities?”

89% said they’re managing with static documents and spreadsheets, which points to significant inefficiencies in the private capital industry.

Do you want to be part of the 89% of firms that are lagging or part of the forward-thinkers that are focused on:

⏱️ Efficiency
🔒 Security
😍 LP Experience