Sending Invoices

How to easily send invoices and get paid quick with Verivend.

  1. Enter your email address and password to log into Verivend, or click the Use Magic Link to Login button to receive an email that will allow you to log in without using a password. 
  1. On the Dashboard, click the Accounts Receivable section to create and send new invoices.
  1. On the Accounts Receivable screen, click the + Add New button to create a new invoice.

New invoices you’ve sent will have a status of Pending Request and are waiting to be accepted.

Invoices you’ve sent that haven’t been paid will have a status of Accepted and are waiting to be paid.Invoices that have been partially paid will have a status of Partially Paid and are waiting to be fully paid.

  1. Fill in fields on the New Invoice screen and click the Save & Continue button.

The Add Recipient field allows you to search for and select the company that will receive the invoice.

Note: Companies that have already registered with Verivend will be displayed in the search results. If the company or individual you enter isn’t found, click select the Invite a New Organization or Invite a New Individual option and enter the email address(s) for the invoice recipient(s).

Companies and Individuals don’t need to be registered with Verivend to receive invoices – they will receive an email allowing them to view and pay the invoice they’ve received securely through the Verivend platform.

The Add Recipient field allows you to search for and select the company that will receive the invoice.

Note: You can send invoices to multiple individuals.  The first email address entered should be to the person paying the invoice. After typing in the individuals email address, select +Recipient to add another.  You can add additional emails from there.

Then this you will see the Additional Email Address field(s).

  1. To send the invoice click the Publish & Send button and then click the Send button on the following confirmation screen. 

The invoice status will update to Pending Request, confirming the invoice was sent.

  1. When payment has been received, the invoice status will update to Partially Paid or Fully Paid and you will see those funds deposited in your Verivend Wallet, and  on the Transactions screen.
  1. You can click the Close Invoice button to close the invoice, which will move it to the Archived area and keep it there for future reference.

When closing an invoice, you will be asked to provide a rating for your level of satisfaction on the transaction. To provide your rating, click a number on the rating scale and then click the Yes, Close it button.

  1. You can find and review any archived items in the Archived section under the corresponding tab in the Sent and Received areas.