Transactions Speak Louder than Words

Verivend supports all critical business transactions between buyers and suppliers, from end to end. If you send or receive RFPs, quotes, payments, POs, or invoices and you rely on manual reconciliation, Verivend can streamline and automate how your business does business with significant process efficiencies and cost savings.

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Designed to Do Business

Cashflow Clarity

Your cashflow is the lifeblood of your business. Verivend tracks all of your receivables and payables in one central location. That way, you know exactly where your money is, where it went, where it’s coming from and when.

Paperless Pay

Electronically set your payment terms, issue invoices and collect cash. The easy-to-use Verivend platform makes it easy to pay vendors through your Verivend Wallet. It also allows your customers to pay invoices immediately, taking the time and stress out of sending, receiving and reconciling payments and invoices.

Build Your Business Reputation

Don’t leave your business’s success to chance. Know exactly who you’re dealing with and reduce the risks of doing business. Verivend reputations allow you to see a business’s transaction and payment history. You can also build up your own reputation, increasing your chances of gaining future partnerships and realizing more attractive terms and rates.

Message, Resolve & Collaborate

Money talks, so Verivend empowers you to talk about it in real-time. Quit relying on email threads, text messages, handwritten notes, voicemails and off-the-cuff conversations. With Verivend, you can communicate per invoice or payment and collaborate with partners. Plus, all of your interactions are stored in one place and easily referenced.

Connect with Trust

Verivend is a network designed to network. Here, buyers and suppliers form and strengthen partnerships for mutual growth success. Find who you already deal with and expand your reach by browsing our reputable directory of companies. Whether you’re a buyer, supplier, or even both, you’re good to grow with Verivend.

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