Payments-First Administration
Revolutionizing The Investment Experience

Why Verivend?

Because the traditional approach to investing has been outdated for far too long.

Because funds and GPs shouldn't have to rely on mail merges, email, and static documents to raise and deploy capital.

Because GPs and LPs should know where every penny of their investments and capital are in real-time.

Because no one should have to share their sensitive bank account information.

Because LPs shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to make an investment.

Because investors and LPs should have a frictionless experience to fund capital commitments and receive distribution payments.

Because investments should be easy and accessible and not just for people who know how to send a wire transfer.

Payments-First Platform

The only payments platform dedicated to private capital eliminating the effort, pain, and risks of raising and deploying funds and modernizing the status quo of traditional capital call and distribution notices.

Secure Digital Wallet

Accelerate capital raising with a dedicated and secured digital wallet that eliminates the need to spend time setting up individual bank accounts and exchanging sensitive bank account information.

Automated Reconciliation

Proprietary transaction processing technology provides an immutable and fully auditable ledger of all incoming and outgoing funds, reconciled with full transparency end-to-end in real-time.

Full Lifecycle Support

Power the full lifecycle of the investment journey from deal sourcing and commitments all the way through distribution payments and secure K-1 sharing.

LP Experience

Frictionless, simple, and easy “Amazon-like” experience with 90+ Net Promoter Score from LPs.

Integration Capabilities

Robust API Gateway to power capital raising and distribution payments within external platforms and portals.

Security & Infrastructure

Cloud-hosted, SSL-secured, and end-to-end encrypted platform purpose-built for private capital payment transactions, backed by a multi-bank payments network to provide redundancy, stability, and liquidity of capital funds.


Support for a wide range of investment sponsor types and asset classes including Private Equity, Venture and Angel Funds, SPVs, and Real Estate Investment Syndicates.

Best of Breed Approach

Full fund administration services offered by experienced, curated partners.