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The painless, effortless, and paperless way investment sponsors and their investors raise and deploy capital.

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The payments-first fund administration platform revolutionizing how GPs and LPs interact and transact.

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Raise & Deploy Capital

In Minutes—Not Days or Weeks

No more waiting for checks, reconciling wire transfers, or following up on outstanding capital commitments.


Sam Russo, Partner and Managing Director at Lorraine Capital, shares how Verivend is providing their firm with ways to be more efficient and provide their partners with the best experience possible.

Make instant distribution payments to investors and capital deployments to projects in seconds. Never write a check again and give your stakeholders a better way to receive funds.

Operate Securely, Efficiently & Resiliently

Always stay more secure from fraudulent activity, while streamlining your capital raising and distribution payments.

The first funds to be moved via wire happened in 1872. Why are firms still transacting through a method that’s over 150 years old?

It’s time to move on from the 1800s and modernize all your capital movements with Verivend, the completely wireless and modern way to put capital in motion with ease, speed, and security. When you transact through Verivend’s secure digital platform you never run the risk of unknowingly compromising your personal information which can lead to catastrophic financial consequences.

With Wire Transfers

Cyber attacks hit the Financial Services industry 300 times harder than any other sector (Security Magazine).

More than $4.1 billion reported in monetary losses (IC3 Report).

With Verivend

Always know exactly who is on the other end of your transactions through complete digital transparency.

Cloud-hosted, SSL secured, and end-to-end encrypted platform purpose-built for private capital payment transactions, backed by a multi-bank payments network to provide redundancy, stability, and liquidity of capital funds

Experience the Verivend Difference


Increase your efficiency and operate more securely.

Streamline Inbound & Outbound Capital Flows

Time and resources are required to manage and reconcile incoming capital and outgoing disbursements.

Capital Clarity

Know exactly when every capital call is viewed, accepted, and paid with full end-to-end transparency and real-time interaction with every transaction.

Reduce Your Risk

Insecure methods of exchanging sensitive information add increased risks and legal exposure to capital collection and disbursements.

Transact with Confidence

With Verivend's secured, cloud-hosted digital platform with data encryption and multi-factor authentication, there’s no need to exchange and store sensitive banking information or manage disjointed escrow accounts.

Customer Stories

A middle-market private equity firm used Verivend to issue and collect capital calls from over 100 investors for their $20+ million equity raise, which led to over 2/3 of the commitments being funded within the first 24 hours.

Everything is real time which saves us real money.

- Ryan Kagels, CFO at Counsel Financial

We already can’t envision going back to the old days of not using the platform.

- Sam Russo, Partner & Managing Director at Lorraine Capital

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in Real-Time

Ryan Kagels, CFO at Counsel Financial shares how much of a nightmare capital calls were before and with Verivend, capital call requests are sent to investors within minutes, and the capital raise process is done within the same day.

A Platform
for Every Stage


Verivend's platform supports a wide range of investment sponsor types and asset classes including Private Equity, Venture and Angel Funds, SPVs, and Real Estate Investment Syndicates.

Power your entire investment journey with Verivend.

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Effortlessly and painlessly move your capital with Verivend.