In Q4 2023, Verivend conducted the second annual survey of investors using our platform through our direct customers – Investment Sponsors who are modernizing their investment transactions with Verivend.

Our 2023 annual survey was conducted over four weeks (11/6/23 – 12/1/23) to collect Investor feedback across a wide range of Verivend experiences and asset classes including Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angel Groups, SPVs, Independent Sponsors, Funds, and Real Estate investments.

Learn more about the results and the key findings below in the full report.

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Key Insights:

85% of investors were satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience with Verivend.

83% of investors found it easy or very easy to fund a capital call or receive a distribution payment.

77% of investors were likely or very likely to recommend Verivend to their peers.

57% of investors didn’t need any additional support and for those that did,
92% were satisfied or very satisfied with Verivend’s Customer Support team.

75% of investors said Verivend was better or much better than other investment platforms.