Paying Invoices (New Users)

How to pay invoices easily and securely with Verivend.

  1. You will be notified of a new invoice by email from Verivend and the email will be sent from with the subject line (Company Name) sent you a new Invoice on Verivend

    Please make sure to safelist/allowlist the domain and add to your contact list or safe sender list to ensure you receive all emails from Verivend.

    Click the Get Started button in the email you received from Verivend to view and pay the invoice.
  1. The first time accessing Verivend, click the Accept button to accept the terms and conditions and view the invoice.
  1. When viewing the invoice, you will see the Due Date, Total Amount and Balance Due, as well as any Attachments associated with the invoice.

  2. Click the Accept button to accept the invoice and then click Yes on the following confirmation screen.
  1. To pay the invoice, click the Submit Payment button. You will be asked to enter a payment Amount on the following screen.
  1. The first time paying an invoice, fill in the fields on the Add Bank Account screen to add your bank account information and then click the Save button. This is the account from where the payment for the invoice will be debited.

    Enter your bank account’s Routing Number, Account Nick Name (this is only for your own reference), Account Type, and Account Number.

    If you need help finding this information, click the Where do I find this? link.
  1. To pay the invoice, fill in the fields on the Submit Payment screen and then click the Submit Payment button to pay the invoice.

    Enter the Amount and Payment Schedule (Pay Now or Schedule a Payment).

    Note: If you choose to Schedule a Payment, you will be asked to specify the Posting Date. This is the date when the payment amount will be debited from your account.
  1. After paying the invoice, you will see the Balance Due amount updated to reflect the amount of your payment, and confirmation of your payment in the Payment History section of the invoice.

    Note: If you chose to Schedule a Payment, you will see confirmation in the Scheduled Payments section of the invoice.

You will also see the last four digits of the account to be debited in the Account Number column.

  1. If you have any questions regarding your invoice, you can use the Send Message button to open the messaging window to type and send a message.
  1. At any time, you can click the Dashboard link at the top of the page to Update Info, Set Password, or Manage Bank Accounts for your Verivend account. You can view all invoices you’ve received by clicking the My Invoices button.