QuickBooks Integration

The Smarter Way to Run Your Business

Sync invoices from QuickBooks and payments from Verivend.
Powerful automated reconciliation with just a click.

Managing your books doesn’t have to be hard and integration with Verivend & QuickBooks makes it easy to track invoices, get paid, and reconcile receivables.

With 3 easy steps, gain greater transparency, predictability, and speed of your cashflow with Verivend & QuickBooks integration.

Connect to QuickBooks
Set Sync Rules
Map Customers
Automated Syncing of Invoices & Payments

Say goodbye to CSV imports, data updates, and running manual sync processes. Say hello to automated syncing of invoices, payments, and reconciliation. With Verivend and QuickBooks, you’ll maintain accurate, up-to-date data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Please make sure to fully read the following instructions before connecting Verivend with your QuickBooks account to ensure all aspects of the integration are understood.

Connect to QuickBooks

One click is all it takes. Sign into your QuickBooks account and allow Verivend access to your QuickBooks data.

Set Sync Rules

Select to sync invoices from QuickBooks to Verivend and sync payments from Verivend to QuickBooks – that’s all.

Map Customers

Create a mapping for each of your QuickBooks customers in Verivend. You’ll only need to do this just once.

New Customer Mapping

For customers not yet using Verivend, select if they’re a Business or Individual and the rest is taken care of – your customer’s name and email are automatically pulled into Verivend.

Customers who are new to Verivend will be stored in the My Contacts area and viewable only to your company.

Existing Customer Mapping

If any of your customers are already using Verivend, they’ll be found in the Business Directory, and you’ll be able to map them to their existing Verivend account.

Synced Invoices

Invoices created in QuickBooks will be automatically synced to Verivend as soon as the Save or Save and close buttons are selected when the Send later checkbox is unchecked.

If you would like to default all invoices in QuickBooks to have the Send later checkbox automatically checked when the invoice is created, you can turn this on in the main QuickBooks settings:

Account and settings > Sales > Sales form content > Preferred delivery method

  • None – all invoices will sync to Verivend as soon as they are saved in QuickBooks
  • Send later – invoices will not sync to Verivend until the Send later checkbox is unchecked and the invoice is saved in Quickbooks

IMPORTANT – Invoices that were previously created and saved in QuickBooks that do not have the Send later checkbox checked will be automatically synced to Verivend as soon as the integration is turned on. If you do not want these invoices synced right away, please make sure to check the Send later checkbox and save these invoices in QuickBooks before turning on the integration.

All synced invoices from QuickBooks will appear in the Activity Log in Verivend.

Invoices synced from QuickBooks will appear in Verivend marked with the QuickBooks logo.

Customers will receive your invoice automatically through Verivend, which they can accept and pay.

Synced Payments

All synced payments will appear in the Activity Log in Verivend.

Invoices paid on Verivend automatically sync to QuickBooks to record the payment.