Sending Payments with VeriPay

How to quickly and securely send payments on Verivend using VeriPay.

  1. Enter your email address and password to log into Verivend, or click the Use Magic Link to Login button to receive an email that will allow you to log in without using a password. 
  1. On the Dashboard, click the VeriPay option in the main navigation on the left side of the screen.
  1. On the VeriPay screen, click the Send VeriPay button to create a new payment.
  1. Fill in the fields on the VeriPay screen and click the Send Payment button to send the payment to the recipient.

The Recipient field allows you to search for and select the company that will receive the payment.

Note: Companies that have already registered with Verivend will be displayed in the search results. If the company or individual you enter isn’t found, click select the Invite a New Organization or Invite a New Individual option and enter the email address(s) for the payment recipient(s).

Companies and Individuals don’t need to be registered with Verivend to receive payments – they will receive an email allowing them to view and accept the payment they’ve received securely through the Verivend platform.

Note: Optionally, you can enter a passcode to protect your payments in the Passcode field for added security when sending a VeriPay.  However, a passcode is required for payments over $10,000 sent to new recipients. You will need to notify the recipient separately with the passcode, which they will need to enter in order to accept and receive the payment.

Payments you’ve sent will be in Pending status and viewable on the Sent tab, until they are accepted by the recipient. You can cancel a payment before it’s accepted by the recipient by clicking the Cancel Payment link.

  1. Once a payment has been accepted by the recipient, it will viewable on the Archives tab and you will receive an email notification when the payment has been accepted by the recipient.