Ilion Capital Partners – How would you describe Verivend?

Andrew Hennessy, Managing Partner at Ilion Capital Partners talks about how he would describe Verivend and how it’s evolved into a one-stop shop for how they communicate with their investors.

“It was first described to me as the Venmo of Private Equity.”

“But there’s more to it than that, and it’s been a pleasant surprise. You can route payments, but the interface allows you to really efficiently and effectively communicate with your LPs.”

“It’s evolving into a one-stop shop for how we communicate with stakeholders in our business.”

Ilion Capital Partners – How did you handle capital calls before Verivend?

Andrew Hennessy, Managing Partner at Ilion Capital Partners talks about how they used to manage raising and calling capital before Verivend.

“Ran it off of Google Docs and Excel, which meant sending dozens of emails and coordinating with every individual person offline…which leads to frustration on all sides.”

“One of the things Verivend has been great for is having a clear record of where we’re engaging with everyone on a fundraise and make sure we’re doing it efficiently in a way that respects all of our LPs’ time.”

Ilion Capital Partners – How much time have you saved with Verivend?

Andrew Hennessy, Managing Partner at Ilion Capital Partners talks about the time they’ve been able to save with Verivend.

“Around a fundraise, that would be one person’s full-time allocation for however long it took.”

“It’s now a fraction of someone’s time.”

Ilion Capital Partners – What feedback have you received from your investors about Verivend?

Andrew Hennessy, Managing Partner at Ilion Capital Partners talks about the feedback he’s received from his investors about Verivend.

“I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the simplicity of the user interface.”

“We’ve received positive verbal feedback but also see people actually using the platform, which is great.”

The Preferred Return: Issue 3

May 18, 2023 – Issue 3

Your Preferred Return has arrived.

Welcome to the latest Preferred Return by Verivend. In this issue, we talk about SPV  innovation and why it’s time to challenge the rigidity of the traditional investment lifecycle, what our customers’ lives were like before Verivend, and how much capital is being raised in the current economic climate.

Industry Insights

Announcing a Massive Evolution in SPV Investing

by Ari Newman, Managing Director at Massive

After three years of deploying capital via SPVs at Massive, MDs Ari Newman and David Mandell wanted to reduce the friction points of deal-by-deal investing while maintaining the flexibility of the SPV structure. The Massive Index was born and is a new SPV-based committed capital vehicle where an investor can subscribe to the next 10 or 20 investments, or on a deal-by-deal basis.

Why does this matter?

✅ Investors can subscribe at any time without a fixed window of time like a traditional fund.

➕ Investors can “plus up” their baseline commitment amounts per investment. 

💪 Flexibility of investing allows investors to subscribe to the next 10 or 20 investments and renew, or exit as appropriate.

💸 Investments are funded via quarterly capital calls like traditional funds.

🚫 Too many K1s? The Massive Index alleviates this point of friction with SPVs.

Massive is now accepting new subscribers but space is limited so if the Massive Index is interesting and you’d like to learn more, reach out here.

Life Before Verivend

One of our favorite things is to hear from our customers about the contrast between what their lives were like before and after Verivend.

Hear each of them describe how their lives were changed by Verivend in less than 60 seconds, and check out the rest of Verivend’s Customer Stories below.

Ian Ippolito, Founder & CEO of Private Investor Club

Sam Russo, Partner & Managing Director at Lorraine Capital

Ryan Kagels, CFO at Counsel Financial

Market Perspectives

Raising Capital & How Much?

In a recent LinkedIn poll, we asked investment sponsors and founders “How much capital are you raising?”

39% of GPs and founders said they’re planning to raise up to $10m, with the rest of respondents nearly equal across the remaining categories of $10m to over $100m.

These results indicate that although there’s been a cooldown in the capital raising market and volumes have been pushed to smaller sizes, there is still a strong demand for fueling growth in the industry.

Private Investor Club Introduction

Ian Ippolito, Founder & CEO of Private Investor Club talks about his group of over 6,000 investors that provides a better way for investors to find good deals, leverages a deep network of due diligence expertise, and brings significant benefits to investment sponsors for win-win outcomes.